Stepan Gishyan charity foundation begins accepting 2023 grant applications

02.02.2023 12:16
Stepan Gishyan charity foundation begins accepting 2023 grant applications

YEREVAN, February 2. /ARKA/. The Stepan Gishyan charity foundation, run by Acba Bank, has announced today another grant competition, designed for legal entities.

Acba Bank said in a statement that the charitable foundation has started accepting online applications. The deadline is March 15 inclusive.

The charity said the projects should address such issues as development of socio-economic, educational and scientific fields, health and culture, or several of the above-mentioned areas at the same time. The projects must be implemented exclusively in the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

The foundation will give preference to those projects that:

- contribute to the creation of new jobs,

- use as much local products and raw materials as possible;

- offer innovative solutions;

- are aimed at strengthening the Armenian-French relations.

Please click here for more information. The maximum amount of a grant is 5 million drams.

The Stepan Gishyan charitable foundation ( was established in 2015 by Acba Bank, French Credit Agricole Group, the National Federation of Credit Agricole and the Gishyan family -0-

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