"I considered myself successful after returning to my native village and founding first business." chef Yura Sargsyan (VIDEO)

09.02.2023 12:17

YEREVAN, February 8. /ARKA/. Chef Yura Sargsyan is a native of Tsaghkunk community in Gegharkunik region, which is famous for its gastronomy. He founded two guest houses with restaurants, hosting people from different parts of the world, who come to try his dishes, the press service of Acba Bank said.

Yura has been in the restaurant business for 26 years. He first worked as an assistant chef, then left the country and became a chef, but returned to his native Tsaghkunk.

He named one of the guesthouses and restaurant "Chef House." He has a special mission to develop Armenian culinary traditions. Armenian chefs come here to add their signature dishes to the menu.
The 'Chef House' is one of the beneficiaries of Acba Federation and Germany's Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union's (NABU) Rural Tourism Development Program. With the help of the grant provided, Yura completed the construction and landscaped the grounds.

Yura's entire family work for the guesthouses: one of his sons paints and decorates the walls, his mother makes delicious canned goods, and his wife manages the process.

"I was absent from Tsakhkunk for 16 years. I don't think I'll ever leave again. Cooking is my hobby, my dream. I considered myself successful when I returned to my native village and opened my first business. It doesn't matter if the financial income is big or small. If you don't think about finances and do what you love, you will succeed. I applied to the Rural Tourism Program, presenting my ideas and thanks to Acba Bank and NABU we received gratuitous financial support, which helped a lot," says Chef Yura Sargsyan.

Yura also shares his skills with newcomers; he has many students from different regions of Armenia. Most importantly, he teaches cooking from the heart, with a big heart.

Acba Federation is the only significant shareholder of Acba Bank, owning 83.8% of the stake. Through its participation in Acba Bank, Acba Federation contributes to the development of agriculture, small and medium business in rural areas, community development, the revival and development of the business environment in rural areas, and increases the welfare of each individual engaged in business activities in these areas.

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