Armenia on global financial and economic map; where to start?

09.02.2023 16:41
Armenia on global financial and economic map; where to start?

YEREVAN, February 9, /ARKA/. On January 31, 2023, Amundi-Acba brought together the leaders of different sectors of Armenian economy to discuss the current challenges and perspectives on global macroeconomics, asset management strategy, as well as crypto-assets and blockchain.

At the "Amundi-Acba Economic Forum 2023", the French company Amundi, Europe's leading asset manager, called on Armenia to accelerate its race towards innovation, which is the main way to the development.


The role of ESG factors in the development of a country was also at the core of discussions at "Amundi-Acba Economic Forum 2023".

“This is our first economic forum, where we brought together policy makers with the main actors of financial sector of Armenia, representatives of high-tech sector and other players of the real sector of the economy. I assume that the discussed topics will raise many questions, the answers to which and the solutions to the problems will create new value as in the development of society as well as in Armenia’s economic development,”  highlighted Jean Mazedjian, the CEO of Amundi-Acba Asset Management.

Vincent Mortier, Amundi Group CIO, noted that Armenian assets are gradually becoming a part of the general “landscape”.

During his e-welcome speech, Vincent Mortier also highlighted  that  Amundi is also motivated to accompany Armenia in its raise of financial literacy.


“It’s important that people understand  short and long term  risks and respective income they might have,” -said Vincent Mortier, Amundi Group CIO.

“Forums of such caliber are important also for Armenia’s visibility. This is also contributing to the awareness level in terms of different events, positive changes and successes happening in the country for Armenian population of and world community,” said Garegin Gevorgyan, head of  Financial Stability Directorate at the Central Bank of Armenia.

The purpose of the forum was to become the main financial platform of the year in the region, where industry experts and thought leaders  meet to discuss Armenia's financial and economic opportunities. The objective is obvious; to have a developed economy and create financial markets, which will help position Armenia in the world economic and financial map. 

Amundi-Acba was founded in Armenia at 2013, by French Amundi, European leader in asset management and Acba Bank. The company manages  3 mandatory pension funds benefiting from Amundi’s advanced expertise and technical support. As of December 2022, the AUM of Amundi-Acba exceed 292 Billion AMD.

Amundi-Acba is supervised by the Central Bank of Armenia. -0-

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