In Goris children will learn French in a new classroom

13.02.2023 16:05
In Goris children will learn French in a new classroom

YEREVAN, February 13. /ARKA/. A new French language classroom was opened for the students of #3 basic school in the town of Goris named after Yuri Bakhshyan.

The classroom is equipped with multimedia facilities; the teaching materials and literature were brought from France to organize efficient interactive classes.

The French language classroom was furnished and technically equipped by Stepan Gishyan Charitable Foundation in cooperation with the Armenian Fund for Sustainable Development.

"Everything is in place to organize the French lessons in a maximally flexible and effective way. We know that knowledge of a foreign language opens a new window of opportunities for an individual; we try to encourage children to overcome language difficulties easily and to attend classes with pleasure," said Stepan Gishyan Charitable Foundation Director Anna Gishyan.

"We have been cooperating with the Stepan Gishyan Charitable Foundation for several years already. Through our joint efforts we have already set up 7 French language classrooms. Every time we visit the schools, we are pleasantly surprised with the work done. We want this program, which emphasizes the value of the French language and aims at spreading Francophony, to be continuous," said Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Armenian Fund for Sustainable Development Alen Tukhadyan.

"We decided to open a French language classroom to help children better master French. We had a problem with the arrangement of the classroom, and applied to the Stepan Gishyan Charitable Foundation and received a positive answer and the classroom was furnished," noted the school director David Kostandyan.

The school after Yuri Bakhshyan is one of the winners of a grant competition announced by the Stepan Gishyan Charitable Foundation in 2022.

The Stepan Gishyan Charitable Foundation started accepting grant proposals for 2023. The deadline for accepting online application is March 15 inclusive.

Stepan Gishyan Charitable Foundation was established by Acba Bank, French Credit Agricole, the National Federation of Credit Agricole and Stepan Gishyan's family. The programs of the foundation are aimed at strengthening the Armenian-French relations, improving the social-economic, scientific-educational, cultural and medical systems of Armenia.

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