The total capital of Armenian banks in 2022 grew by 38.8% to AMD 1.3 trillion - SBA

07.03.2023 19:23
The total capital of Armenian banks in 2022 grew by 38.8% to AMD 1.3 trillion - SBA

YEREVAN, March 7. /ARKA/. The total capital of all Armenia-based banks increased by 38.8% or AMD 368 billion in 2022 to AMD 1.3 trillion, according to the Union of Banks of Armenia UBA). Compared to late September 2022, the banks' capital grew by about AMD 112bln or 9.3%.

The authorized capital of the banks amounted to 732 billion drams, increasing by about 162 billion drams or 28.4% from 2021. Compared to late September 2022, it was up about 33 billion drams or 4.7%.

The banks' assets increased by over 1.3 trillion drams or 18.3%. Compared to late September 2022, the growth amounted to 704 billion drams or 9.1%, amounting to the total 8.4 trillion drams.

As of December 31, 2022, the banks' lending stood at  about 4.2 trillion drams, up 6.1% or 241 billion drams from 2021, and compared with the end of September last year – the lending grew by 144 billion drams or 3.5%.

Liabilities during the reporting period amounted to 7.1 trillion drams, increasing by 934 billion drams or 15.2%, and by 592 billion drams or 9.1% from late September 2022.

Deposits recorded a 27.3% or 1.1 trillion drams increase to about 5.1 trillion drams. Compared to the end of the third quarter of last year, a growth of 14.3%, or 641 billion drams was registered.

There are 18 commercial banks in Armenia, which earned last year 263 billion drams in profit (205.6% growth against 2021).

The banks run as many as 548 branches across the country, employing 13 321 people. The number of clients has risen to about 3.9 million, and the number of accounts to more than 7.6 million ($1 - 388.17 drams). -0-

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