"Rostelecom Armenia" rebrands to "OVIO".

24.05.2024 18:35

YEREVAN, 24 May. /ARKA/. Rostelecom Armenia announced the beginning of rebranding and will henceforth operate under the new brand OVIO.

The company entered the telecoms market in 2009 under the GNC-ALFA brand, having built over 3,000 kilometres of backbone network and becoming the largest player in the wholesale internet market, significantly reducing the market price for wholesale internet in Armenia.

Since 2012, the company has continued its operations under the Rostelecom brand, introducing "Optics to Every Apartment" technology in Yerevan and marzes, thus ensuring digital equality and promoting healthy competition in the market of internet and digital TV services.

Until 2024, the company invested over AMD 37 billion in Armenia and paid AMD 14 billion in taxes.

With the new brand, the company has shifted to an open and transparent way of working to provide a simple and comfortable experience for customers and partners. OVIO's entry into the market is a turning point in the company's development.

With the new brand, OVIO remains committed to providing reliable and quality services and innovative solutions to meet customer needs. With the new brand, the company goes beyond the classic telecom operator, transforming itself and providing a range of digital and cloud services and starting the process of forming a unified ecosystem of digital services.

"Today we are inaugurating an extremely significant event for the company. This is not just a rebranding, but the opening of a new page in the history of the company, based on the desire to satisfy even the most demanding customer, thanks to an honest and open manner of work, care and innovative solutions. We are already trusted by about 70,000 subscribers and this obliges us to constantly improve. With this rebranding, we mark the beginning of the company's transformation.

I am also pleased to announce the official launch of OVIO's largest Data Centre in Armenia. It is the only one in Armenia to meet the high standards of TIER III equipment and infrastructure reliability. It will meet the diverse needs of businesses and government institutions and provide scalable, secure and efficient solutions, as well as contribute to the development of Armenia's digital future," concluded Hayk Faramazyan, CEO of OVIO.

It is worth noting that OVIO has successfully developed and implemented a number of advanced technological solutions, which not only brought the company to a new level of development, but also had a great and positive impact on the transformation of the industry.

These include home internet packages up to 800Mbps, Wink online cinema and TV, a modern and convenient app, and an unprecedented cloud video surveillance service.

The launch of the new OVIO brand is accompanied by the appearance of a charismatic robot Orbi, that embodies the image of a technical expert, wizard and patron of the company's products, helping customers in their everyday life and guiding them to the best solutions in the use of telecommunication and digital services.

The rebranding was followed by the  opening of OVIO's main sales and service ofice. From now on, the office will have  a new, more modern and innovative interior in accordance with the standards that ensure maximum comfort of service.

From now on, users can visit the company's website, connect to services and make online transactions at ovio.am. -0-

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