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EEU able to create single settlement currency

07.09.2018 09:13

EEU able to create single settlement currency

ALMATY, September 6. /ARKA/. The Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) is in a position now to create a regional settlement currency, including a blockchain-based currency, Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) board chairman Andrei Belyaninov said at a Eurasian Media Congress in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on Thursday.

According to him, today the situation across the Eurasian Economic Union is extremely advantageous, for which he expressed gratitude to US President Donald Trump for slapping a long string of sanctions against Russia.

"The sanctions appeared to be instrumental in our efforts to consolidate internal resources, create a single economic space, form infrastructures within this space and develop them," said Belyaninov.
He said the EDB is currently a bit aggressive across EEU, has very ambitious plans and wants to make itself known, but this is hampered by a lot of incompetent and illiterate judgments about the current situation in the economic markets.

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