Armenian banks report 7 percent assets growth

21.10.2010 17:27
Armenian banks report 7 percent assets growth

Yerevan, October 21, /ARKA/. Armenian commercial banks said their total assets grew by 7.08% in the first nine months of the year to 1.452.3 trillion Drams According to their provisional reports for the third quarter, their aggregate liabilities rose by 6.05% to 1.134.6 trillion Drams and their total capital grew by 11% to 317.7 billion Drams.

According to an analysis of the reports made by ARKA, the banks’ credit investments in the reporting period of time grew by 15.82% compared to quarter 4 of 2009, to 849 billion Drams. The overall amount of liabilities to clients grew by 0.6% to 723.3 billion Drams. Armenian commercials banks said they earned 24.1 billion Drams in profits, by 3.5 times more if compared to the same time span of last year. There are 21 banks in Armenia . ($1 – 360.54 Drams).-0-

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