Technical requirements for Flash banners

For a flash advertisement to be posted on the portal the banner should be in SWF format with a link to the customer’s advertised page (URL). All files related to one unit of advertisement must have the same name. The size of each SWF file must not exceed 100Kb. Customers should not use the 9-th and higher versions of Flash.

The banner’s format (width and height) must match the requested position. Switching to the advertised page must follow after clicking the banner. When the banner is clicked the advertised page must open in a new window, but the portal’s window must remain open. To have the opportunity to register the number of switches, to create a link in the flash-banner the customer should use the button object with banner clicking event handler

on (release) {
getURL(_root.link1, “_blank”);

Banner’s access to personal information, microphone or video-cam of users and so on is prohibited (constructions SharedObject, LocalConnection, System.getClipboard). The banner must not generate overload on user’s computer’s processor. Banners submitted without these requirements will not be accepted for demonstration.

Advertisement placement rules

We reserve the right to deny accepting banners without providing explanations

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