ARMENIA’S CENTRAL BANK revises ratings of five companies

10.05.2012 20:39
ARMENIA’S CENTRAL BANK revises ratings of five companies

YEREVAN, May 10. /ARKA/. Armenia’s Central Bank said it has revised upward the ratings of three companies and left unchanged the ratings of two other companies. Particularly, the Central Bank has reconfirmed the ‘G’ rating of Antares company  and ‘G-minus’ rating of  Star Divide company.

It has also revised upward the rating on Elite Group company from "Gminus" to "G", the rating of Glendale Hills company from "G minus" to "G" and the rating of Imex Group from Gplus to B-minus.

Armenia's Central Bank published its first rankings of 30 Armenian companies in September 2005. The Central Bank publishes only the names of those companies which get high ratings. To publish the names of companies with lower ratings it must have their permission. The Central Bank is ready to accept the bonds of companies with high ratings (A, B, D) as collateral in repo transactions with banks. These companies enjoy also a set of privileges when applying to banks for loans.  -0-

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