Armenia’s Government hands in resignation

31.05.2012 12:25
Armenia’s Government hands in resignation

YEREVAN, May 31. /ARKA/. The Government of Armenia announced on its resignation on Thursday.

“I have presented to the President the declaration on the Government’s resignation, and said that we are obliged to fulfill our responsibilities before forming a new government,” the Prime Minister of Armenia Tigran Sargsyn said at the government session.

According to the Constitution of Armenia, the President of the country approves the government’s resignation on the day of the newly elected National Assembly’s first session. Bearing in mind the number of mandates in the National Assembly and consulting with the deputy factions the head of state may appoint as a new Prime Minister an individual, who is trusted by majority of the deputies.
The President appoints a new Prime Minister within ten days after approving the government’s resignation. The new government is formed within twenty days after the appointment of a new Prime Minister.

The Republican Party of Armenia won the majority of votes, receiving 44.02% (664, 440 votes) and thus 69 seats in 131-seat parliament. By this the Party will hold the posts of the Speaker, Vice-Speaker and Prime Minister. The Prosperous Armenia Party received 30,12% of votes (454, 673 votes) and 37 seats (28 under proportional, and 9- popular vote) in 131-seat parliament The third place was given to opposition block Armenian National Congress- 7.08% (106, 903 and 7 seats).
Five-percent barrier was overcome by oppositional Heritage (5.76% or 86, 998 votes) and Dashnaktsutyun (5.67% or 85, 550) as well as coalition Otinats Yerkir – 5.51% or 83, 123 votes. All of them received 5 seats in the parliament under the proportional system. A representative of Orinats Yerkir entered the parliament under majoritarian system.—0--

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