Acba Leasing partners with Giacomo company to help establish production of solar water heaters in Armenia (VIDEO)

17.04.2024 14:24
Acba Leasing partners with Giacomo company to help establish production of solar water heaters in Armenia (VIDEO)

YEREVAN, April 17. /ARKA/. The Giacomo Company has established a unique production of solar water heaters in Vostan village of Ararat region, Acba Bank's press service reports.

This is the only company in Armenia that produces water heaters on site - from start to finish.

Giacomo uses high quality stainless steel for production, which allows the reuse of the water in food products as well.

Acba Leasing partnered with Giacomo to assist the company to acquire he latest generation equipment.

"I wish to congratulate Giacomo company on the establishment of this unique production facility and the development of the "green" segment of our economy. This is the first solar water heater production facility in Armenia, which was created as a result of cooperation with Acba Leasing. We are glad that another modern and promising production facility has appeared in Armenia, which will contribute to the development of the "green" economy  in our country," said Vahagn Shmavonyan, Head of Supplier Cooperation Department at Acba Leasing.

"We have created a new Armenian brand that will be associated with quality. Our goal is to cooperate with all solar companies operating in Armenia, as the product we produce is in no way inferior to the products imported from China. Our cooperation with Acba Leasing has a long history. Our family turns to Acba Leasing services whenever possible for purchasing equipment, machinery. We are glad that we have such a powerful partner," said Hovhannes Aristakesyan, co-founder and Director of Giacomo.

The company plans to increase its production stages in the near future and introduce also pressure solar water heaters, as well as export Armenian-made water heaters to Eastern European countries.

The company is named Giacomo in honor of the Italian scientist of Armenian origin Giacomo Ciamician  (Chamichyan), one of the founders of photochemistry.

The 100% shareholder of Acba Leasing Company is Acba Bank. Acba Bank is controlled by the Central Bank of Armenia. -0-

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