Agency “ARKA” published newsletter “Insurance companies of Armenia”

19.08.2011 15:07
Agency “ARKA” published newsletter “Insurance companies of Armenia”

YEREVAN, August 19. /ARKA/. News agency “ARKA” published its next quarterly newsletter, “Insurance companies of Armenia” in the second quarter of 2011.

This product is based on officially published financial statements of insurance companies reflecting their activities. The newsletter “Insurance companies of Armenia” has about ten pages of tabular material on various indicators of insurance companies and consists of 9 main sections: 1.General characteristics of insurance companies. 2. Assets. 3. Obligations. 4. Capital. 5. Charter capital. 6. Financial results of activities of insurance companies. 7. Financial cash flows. 8. Profitability. 9. Capital ratios.

The information contained in the newsletter provides an opportunity to present the overall picture of financial condition of insurance companies of Armenia and to carry out a comparative analysis of their activities.

ARKA news agency was established on May 1, 1996 May to provide financial ,economic and political news. The professional credo of the agency is credibility, reliability and quick response. In 2000 it was recognized by the Central Bank of Armenia as the best economic news agency. In 2002 and 2003 ARKA was awarded by Business Initiative Directions the International Star Award for Quality in category Gold. --0--


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