Nearly 70 % of Armenian families to get insurances through new social package: “Ingo Armenia” chief

25.02.2012 14:59
Nearly 70 % of Armenian families to get insurances through new social package: “Ingo Armenia” chief

YEREVAN, February 25. /ARKA/. Nearly 70% of Armenian families will obtain insurances as the new social package enters the insurance marker, Levon Altunyan, Executive Director of “INGO Armenia” Insurance Company, said on Friday.

The implementation of the social package for civil and public servants working in cultural, educational and social security spheres has been proceeded since January of 2012. One of the package’s components is obtaining a compulsory health insurance. The process of getting insurance policies is expected to end in March.

“After the final implementation of this program it will be possible to consider the insurance as an inseparable part of life for 60-70% of Armenian families,” Altunyan told the journalists.

The compulsory health insurance requires 52 thousand drams in monthly payments, that will reach 3.8 million drams per year. The amount of the incentives supposed for each employee by the package is 132 thousand drams per year. Beneficiaries for this services on equal terms will be approximately 120 thousand employees and their direct relatives, including the married and unmarried children up to 27 years old, regardless of their job position and salary size.

Through this sum the insurance companies will be obliged to compensate the beneficiaries with a number of urgent and routine medical services as well as hospital treatment including therapeutic services, treating injuries, electric shock, burns and diseases requiring surgery, such as neurosurgical, heart and intravascular surgeries. The social package, budgeted 18 billion drams, aims for improving work attraction and efficiency, reducing personnel outflow and assisting in responding to the social demands of employees. ($1 – 389.34 drams).—0—


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