Armenian CB issues “Sergei Parajanov” commemorative coin

14.06.2012 14:32
Armenian CB issues “Sergei Parajanov” commemorative coin

YEREVAN, June 14. /ARKA/. Armenia’s Central Bank said Thursday it had issued a commemorative silver coin “Sergey Paranjanov” within “World’s famous directors” international numismatic program.

The coin with proof quality was issued in 5555 copies and has a nominal price of 100 drams each. It is made from 925 silver, weights 28.28 grams, and measures 28.0 x 40.0 mm.

The observe of the coin depicts a fragment of Parajanov’s collage in the right side, and Parajanov himself on the left side. In the center of the coin there is a camera attached to a tripod with cracked pomegranate on the right and mint brand on the left.

The bottom of the coin illustrates Armenia’s national emblem with nominal value “DRAM 100 ДРАМ.” Vertically in the left side and horizontally in the bottom through the coin there is a name of the country in English : “Republic of Armenia,” in the upper part of the coin there is a date of issue – “2012”.

Parajanov’s portrait appears on the reverse face of the coin in the center. The upper right corner depicts the author’s collage fragment “Fabergé Memory”, and in the bottom - facsimile signature of Parajanov with some extraordinary cover where the author engraved Pushkin’s portrait. Parajanov’s dates of birth and death stretch vertically through the coin on the left- “1924-1990”. The author of the coin is Ursula Valezhak. The coin was made in Poland.—0--

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