Armenia’s Anelik Bank issues its first card for young people

03.09.2012 18:05
Armenia’s Anelik Bank issues its first card for young people

YEREVAN, September 3. /ARKA/. Armenia’s Anelik Bank has issued its first card for young people - BANK BOOM ENERGY VISA Classic, the bank’s press office reports.

This is a payment, discount, and club card.

These card holders have a free access to 10 karaoke as well as Accapella, Arlekino, Astral, CRAZY, Gaudi, INROCK, Opera club and WAVE karaoke and night clubs on preferential conditions.

In 96 Club, Accapella, Arlekino, Gaudi, Opera club and WAVE hey can sing two songs for free, and in INROCK music club the cardholders will enjoy a free treat.

The card offers a ten-percent discount in 20 cafes, restaurants, fast foods and other leisure centers in Yerevan.

ANELIK BANK BOOM ENERGY VISA Classic card holders will also enjoy up-to-50-percent discounts in 400 shops. They can also make Internet shopping and use the card everywhere in the world. Besides, they can win a trip to the Black Sea for four persons and pay their utility bills.

The cardholders will have annual 2% added to the balance.

David Ananyan, chief of Anelik Bank’s unit in charge of plastic card transactions, said ANELIK BANK BOOM ENERGY VISA Classic had been issued in cooperation with BOOM magazine.
He expressed hope that the card will be very popular among young people.

In the clubs mentioned above, entry prices range from 1,500 to 2,500 drams, and two songs in karaoke clubs cost some 1,000 drams.

“Cardholders will pay nothing for that even if they visit clubs every day,” Ananyan said.
Everyone who wants can take this card in any branch of the bank by submitting passport and social card.

Annual price for card servicing is 5,000 drams.

Anelik Bank was established on July 9, 1990, and registered on October 1, 1991. In October 1996, the bank received its license from the Central Bank of Armenia.

CreditBank S.A.L. holds 69.5% of the bank’s shares and 12.25% belong to Samvel Chzmachyan, another 12.25% to Galina Voronina and the remaining 6% to Armen Ghazaryan. -0---


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