Armenia’s commercial banks paid AMD 8.6 bln in taxes in 1Q 2013

30.04.2013 21:54
Armenia’s commercial banks paid AMD 8.6 bln in taxes in 1Q 2013

YEREVAN, April 30./ARKA/. All the 21 commercial banks of Armenia were listed amid the 1000 major taxpayers in the first quarter of 2013. They filled the budget with nearly 8.6 billion drams, according to the State Revenue Commission.

In January-March 2012, the same banks allocated nearly 6.9 billion drams to the budget.
Tax bodies collected nearly 8.5 billion drams, customs bodies- about 59.4 million. The taxes paid by the banks accounted for 5.8% of all taxes paid by 1000 organizations during the reported period.
Top five banks of the list are : ACBA CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK ( over 1 billion drams -19nth place), VTB Bank (Armenia) (over 988.3 million drams -21st place), Unibank (about 810.6 million drams-28th place), HSBC Bank Armenia (about 804 .4 million drams -29th place) and Ameriabank (about 615.7 million drams -38th place).

Top 100 banks are Ardshininvestbank (over 537.2 million drams -44th place), Areximbank-Gazprombank Group (about 522.5 million drams-46th place), Inecobank (over 480.4 million drams -47th place), Armbusinessbank (nearly 410.5 million drams-58th place), Araratbank (over 386.7 million drams-67th place), Prometey Bank (over 341.9 million drams-86th place), Converse Bank (over   338.5 million drams-91st place).

In total, the 1000 major taxpayers of Armenia allocated over 146.3 billion drams to the budget in the 1Q 2013 against 121.3 billion drams in January-March 2012. ($1 – 410.45 drams). —0-

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