Ardshinbank becomes account operator of securities settlement system

28.09.2017 17:27
Ardshinbank becomes account operator of securities settlement system

YEREVAN, September 28. /ARKA/. On September 27, 2017 Ardshinbank CJSC was granted the status of securities settlement system account operator, thanks to which, hereinafter, services of “Central Depository of Armenia” OJSC (CDA) will be available through Ardshinbank, specifically all the services related to security's registry keeping and safekeeping. Ardshinbank has joined the list of 17 Account operators of depository system, Nasdaq OMX Armenia stock exchange said today.

In March 2013 the CDA launched a new business model of depository system in Armenia, according to which registry keeping of joint-stock companies and securities custody services will be provided to customers via account operators - investment companies and banks - which signed the relevant agreement with the CDA.

Since April 2013 Ardshinbank has also been a regulated market settlement system member (RMSSM), which enables the Bank to serve exchange transactions.

The list of Depository system Account operators and RMSSM, contact details as well as operators’ rules on tariffs are available on the following pages of NASDAQ OMX Armenia official web-site (
Depository system account operators” and “Settlement System Members”.

Ardshinbank was established in 2002 as Ardshininvestbank closed joint stock company. Company was registered and licensed by the Central Bank Armenia as in 2008 (the License N83). Ardshininvestbank CJSC was renamed to Ardshinbank CJSC in 2014.

The Bank became a member of NASDAQ OMX Armenia on December 12, 2008. The Bank is also a Pension Account Operator.

The “Central Depository of Armenia” OJSC (CDA) is the only centralized registry keeper and custodian in Armenia. CDA participate to the Association of Eurasian Central Securities Depositories and is a member of Association of National Numbering Agencies. Starting from 2014 CDA is the registry keeper of funded pension system participants and the custodian of mandatory pension funds assets. Starting from June 5, 2009, “NASDAQ OMX Armenia” ojsc became the 100% owner of CDA. -0-

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