IDBank's Visa Digital card: another key to online and contactless payments

13.07.2021 15:18
IDBank's Visa Digital card: another key to online and contactless payments

YEREVAN, July 13, /ARKA/. IDBank, purposefully continuing the active development of digital banking culture, launched the Visa Digital card. Now the client can get a full-fledged virtual bank card Visa Digital through the Idram&IDBank mobile application, and Idram digital platforms, without visiting the office, which becomes even more convenient due to the possibility of obtaining a credit line.

Virtual cards are issued online and, in terms of their functionality, are analogous to plastic cards, but they are designed to make non-cash payments more convenient for cardholders. With their help, you can make transfers, payments on the Internet, as well as use them as a source of debiting funds for contactless QR/NFC payments via a smartphone at Idram partner points of sale.

“The tendency of making all payments in a non-cash form is visible all over the world, and in this sense our new product supports this trend,” says Sergey Arakelyan, Director of Digital Banking at IDBank, “in fact, now you don’t need plastic to make payments. It is enough to have a smartphone and the Idram&IDBank mobile application, which allows you to make a payment in a matter of seconds at more than 5500 points that accept QR/NFC payments. And given the convenience and speed of issuing a virtual card, we can say that now all residents of Armenia have the opportunity to use a modern, fast and convenient means of payment, having issued the card in their phone without getting up from the couch."

The virtual card of IDBank has a number of advantages:

- Available everywhere. You need a convenient IDBank card, which allows you to flexibly manage funds online through the Idram&IDBank mobile application, but you live in a region where there are no IDBank branches.

- Fast. A virtual card can be issued within a few minutes through the Idram&IDBank application or the platform. To receive it, you do not need to contact the bank office or wait for courier delivery. It is released within 1-2 days, after which it can be fully used.

- Free. The card can be issued completely free of charge (one card in one currency).

- Safe. It is safe to pay with virtual cards on the Internet, since you do not need to enter the details of your main bank card. And you can't lose such a card. In addition, the use of a virtual card for QR/NFC payments via a smartphone is more convenient and safer than payments with a plastic card, as your card details are not visible to the merchant or cashier.

- Environmentally friendly. You share our approach in that we strive to be careful with nature, and the rejection of plastic has a positive effect on the environment.

The uniqueness of the Visa Digital IDBank card also lies in the possibility of a credit line, the terms of which can be found here. The credit line is added to the virtual card in a few simple steps, and in the case of online purchases there is a grace period of up to 45 days. Detailed information on the IDBank digital virtual digital card can be found at the following link. -0-

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