VTB Bank (Armenia) launches special offer designed for holders of credit cards

04.08.2021 21:05
VTB Bank (Armenia) launches special offer designed for holders of credit cards

YEREVAN, August 4. /ARKA/. VTB Bank (Armenia) has announced today a special offer designed for holders of its valid credit cards with an unused credit limit, as well as for clients who received credit cards during the special offer’s period.

The winners will be those clients who will actively use the credit line both for cash and non-cash transactions and have the maximum turnover on credit cards during the offer’s period. If the maximum turnover of several clients is the same, the preference will be given to those who has the maximum number of credit card transactions.

Twenty winners who will have the maximum turnover will become the happy owners of the MasterCard payment ring of VTB Bank (Armenia), which is a new contactless payment tool in the form of a stylish accessory. The special offer is valid until 31.10.2021.

“Focusing on the needs of customers and market trends, VTB Bank (Armenia) tries not only to pay attention to traditional banking instruments, but also to develop lucrative offers and promotions for customers. The special offer is aimed not only at highlighting the advantages of credit cards, such as a grace period, ease of use, safety, but also at increasing the level of availability of new banking products for consumers: the participants have the opportunity to receive a unique payment ring of VTB Bank (Armenia), created based on payment technologies and user experience,” said Tatevik Badalyan, Retail Business Development Department Director.

Detailed information about  the special offer and credit cards of the Bank can be found on the official website of VTB Bank (Armenia) here and here, in its branches or by calling the Contact Center at 87-87.

The activity of VTB Bank (Armenia) CJSC is regulated by the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia. -0-

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