Government bond auctions with a volume of AMD 45 billion took place on AMX

11.01.2022 21:12
Government bond auctions with a volume of AMD 45 billion took place on AMX

YEREVAN, January 11, /ARKA/. Today the allocation auction of government bonds totaling AMD 45 billion has taken place on Armenian Securities Exchange (AMX). 

The volume of auction allocation of government bonds (ISIN AMGB1129A316) amounted to AMD 45 billion, with the demand surpassing AMD  78,5 billion (around 1.6 times). The maturity period of bonds is 9 years. The weighted average yield of the auction is 10.6031%, and the annual yield of the coupon is 8%. 

Also, buyback auctions with nominal volume of AMD 5 billion (AMGN60294227, AMGN36294228) have taken place. 

Individuals can take part in the primary auctions via primary dealers the list of which is published on the website of RA Ministry of Finance, while the secondary market government bonds can be bought via members and market participants

Additional information on auctions is available at the “Gbond Auction” page on AMX’s website.

Armenia Securities Exchange (AMX) is the only securities regulated market operator in Armenia. As an integrated exchange offering, AMX provides a full suite of services including listing, trading, clearing, information services and alternative market solutions. Investors receive a wide range of investment products and maximum transparency, together with the smooth and efficient execution and clearing of trade transactions. AMX has ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for its quality and information security management systems. The Central Bank of Armenia is the supervisory and regulatory authority for AMX. ($1 – 482.32 drams) -0-

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