ACBA Leasing: on the road to achievement (video)

20.06.2022 14:11
ACBA Leasing: on the road to achievement (video)

YEREVAN, June 20. /ARKA/. Armenia's first specialized leasing company - ACBA Leasing - was founded 18 years ago. Initially, its staff consisted only of employees of Acba Bank, later the staff expanded and grew, the company's press service said today.

At first, the focus was on the agricultural sector with the aim to alleviate the problems of farmers by providing them with a large variety of agricultural equipment and machinery. Later, the scope of assistance broadened.

The leasing company adapted the world experience and presented solutions which were applied in Armenia for the first time.

Owing to this financial instrument the farmers receive new, modern equipment, helping them to cultivate higher quality products and become more competitive.

Now ACBA Leasing cooperates with the leading world suppliers contributing to the development of the Armenian economy. The company's list of partners includes reputable international organizations from which clients can purchase the equipment and machinery they desire.

In 2014, ACBA Leasing created the Green Leasing sub-brand to finance green farms, solar plants, and electric vehicles, contributing to the protection and preservation of the environment. The development of the green energy system is very important to ACBA Leasing.

As of today, ACBA Leasing has invested over 128 billion 800 million drams into the Armenian economy. Since its foundation the company had been an absolute market leader. The 100% shareholder of ACBA Leasing is ACBA Bank.

ACBA Leasing is controlled by the Central Bank of Armenia. More details in the video. --0--

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