ARKA Agency releases press rating of Armenian banks for third quarter of 2011

06.10.2011 20:11
ARKA Agency releases press rating of Armenian banks for third quarter of 2011

YEREVAN, October 6. / ARKA /. ARKA agency has released the press rating of Armenian banks for the third quarter of 2011. It is topped by Ameriabank, ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank, HSBC Bank Armenia, Ardshininvestbank and Anelik Bank.

The press rating includes 21 commercial banks, whose total index (TI) characterizing the amount of information depending on its direction, was 2,849.36, down by 24.8% if compared to third quarter of 2010, when it was 3,788.35. If compared with the second quarter of 2011 their TI decreased by 20.5%, when it was 3,586.

The TI of five leading banks in the third quarter press rating decreased from 2,086.9 in the third quarter of 2010 to 1,954.1 and compared with the previous quarter of 2011 it dropped from 2,352.7 to 1,954.1.
Ameriabank’s total index was 633.3, down from 871.3 in the second quarter of 2011 and 810.5 in the third quarter of 2010; ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank’s TI was 615.6 against 253.8 and 123.24 respectively; HSBC Bank Armenia’s TI was 256.5 against 59.1 and 71.2 respectively; Ardshininvestbank’s TI was 251.3 against 358.8 and 192.6 respectively and that of Bank Anelik was 197.4 against 169.1 and 66.86 respectively.

The analysis of press signals in the third quarter shows some changes having taken place in the structure of leading banks as opposed to respective quarters in 2010. Ameriabank has retained its leadership, despite a 21.9% decline in its TI. The largest jump in terms of TI growth in the third quarter was made by ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank. Its TI grew to 399.7%. HSBC Bank Armenia came third after ACBA Credit Agricole Bank with TI of 257.7%. This bank saw the largest advances in the press rating climbing from 15th to the third place.

Ardshininvestbank saw a 30.5% TI rise and Anelik Bank that came fifth rose from 11th place to fifth, registering a 195.3% TI growth.

In comparison with the previous quarter of this year Ameriabank maintained its leadership, although its TI declined by 27.3%. ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank rose by three points (its TI increased by 142.6%). HSBC Bank Armenia came in third rising from 15th place (its TI saw a 334.2% growth). Because of a 30% TI decline Ardshininvestbank fell from third place to fourth. Anelik Bank rose from seventh place to fifth position due to a 16.7% IT growth.

In the III quarter of 2010 the list was topped by Ameriabank with 810.5 TI, Inecobank (430.6), Conversebank (300.1), Areximbank-Gazprombank Group (274.2) and ProCredit Bank (271.6). The press rating of 2011 second quarter was toped by Ameriabank (871.3), VTB Bank (Armenia) (533.1), Ardshininvestbank (358.8), Araratbank (335.7) and ACBA - Credit Agricole Bank (253.8).

ARKA’s press-rating has been simplified in 2010. All subheadings were eliminated and a total of 9 categories were left to sort out information making the product more readable. Customers can now find the necessary information distributed by specific headings. The following media outlets were used to collect press signals: newspapers "Golos Armenii", "Respublika Armenia", "New Time", "Business Express", "Hayastani Hanrapetutyun", "AZG", "Aravot", "Haykakan Zhamanak" "Hayots Ashkharh", "Iravunk," "168 Zham", "Capital", "Sobesednik Armenii", "Zhohovurd", "Zhamanak" and news agencies Panarmenian, ARKA, Newsarmenia, Armbanks, Banks, Banker, Arminfo, Panorama, Lragir.

The press rating is based on banking activity facts and not on financial and economic indicators, reported in the media. As a result, the higher the degree of awareness about the bank, the better its communication policy. In drawing up the press rating no advertising information is investigated or analysed. –0—

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