Ardshininvestbank’s branch manger recognized best manager of 2009 

15.06.2010 21:03
Ardshininvestbank’s branch manger recognized best manager of 2009 

YEREVAN, June 15, /ARKA/. Sasoon Sedrakian, a manager of Ardshininvestbank’s branch in Etchmiadizn, a town 20 off Yerevan, was recognized the Bank’s Best Manager of 2009. He was awarded a special cup, a diploma and a money reward. In 2009 when the country was hit by a heavy crisis the branch managed to ensure a 980 million Dram worth income.

Ardshininvestbank said in a press release the Cup will be a challenge to be awarded each year to best manager of the Bank.

Ardshininvestbank’s major shareholders are Business Investments Center (86.82%) and the International Financial Corporation IFC (10%). The bank is an affiliated member of the international payment system MasterCard/Europay and has a share o in Armenian Card (ArCA).

On March 31 its assets totaled 118.1 billion Drams, liabilities stood at 90.8 billion Drams, the total capital was worth 27.3 billion Drams, the authorized capital-15.5 billion Drams, credit investments – 48.04 billion Drams. In the first quarter of 2010 it earned 733.3 million Drams in net profits. The Bank has 49 branches in Armenia, six in Nagorno-Karabakh and an office in Paris, France. ($1 – 374.14 Drams). -0-

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