No Foreign Exchange Transactions At NASDAQ OMX Armenia Today

17.10.2011 22:34
No Foreign Exchange Transactions At NASDAQ OMX Armenia Today

YEREVAN, October 17. /ARKA/. No foreign exchange transactions were effected at NASDAQ OMX Armenia Stock Exchange on Monday because all the players at financial market shifted their attention to the auction where central bank offered 39-week AMGT39167125 treasury government bonds worth AMD 1.5 billion, Mikael Verdyan, an analyst at Forex Club, said answering ARKA News agency’s question.

The second factor deterring players from effecting forex deals was a wide gap between demand and supply.
Today’s demand for one dollar was 376.01 drams, and supply 378 drams.

“Today buyers refused to pay a high price for dollars and sellers were adamant in their unwillingness to sell them at a low price,” Verdyan said. “As a result, sides failed to reach any accord on prices.”

Experts say the dollar price will range between 375 and 379 drams.

The latest forex deal was effected at NASDAQ OMX Armenia on Friday. The dollar then traded at 375.25 drams.

On Monday, the Central Bank of Armenia raised the average market price of one dollar by 0.24 percentage points, compared with Friday, to 375.4 drams—0--


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