Armenia’s banks obtained over $84.7 mln last week

10.09.2012 15:52
Armenia’s banks obtained over $84.7 mln last week

YEREVAN, September 10./ARKA/. Armenia’s banks purchased nearly $84.7 million at 409.48 per $1 average weighted exchange rate within September 3-7, according to the Central Bank of Armenia.

Also, the banks obtained over 11.3 million euros and nearly 756.6 million rubles at 513.79 drams per €1 and 12.61 drams per 1 rubles respectively.

At the same time, the banks sold nearly $103.5 million, about €13.5 million and over 101 million rubles at 410.53 drams, 517.3 drams and 12.78 drams weighted average rate respectively
Moreover, from 27 August to 2 September the banks allocated 31.6 billion drams and $62.8 million in loans. ($1 –412.02 drams).—0-

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