Armenian cabinet approves 2013 draft budget

27.09.2012 14:55
Armenian cabinet approves 2013 draft budget

YEREVAN, September 27. / ARKA /. The Armenian government has approved today a draft budget for 2013, which calls for 1.059 trillion drams in consolidated revenue and 1.183 trillion drams in spending. The projected budget deficit is 124 billion drams.

Some 957.6 billion drams are earmarked as current expenses, 195.097 billion drams as non-financial expenditures. Also 302 billion drams are projected as social benefits and pensions and 173.252 billion drams for purchase of goods and services

The draft budget also projects a 4 ± 1,5% inflation and a 6 percent economic expansion for the next year.

It earmarks 97.5 billion drams in revenue for communities and 101.7 billion drams in spending. The deficit is 4.2 billion drams. ($ 1-405,87 drams.) -0-

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