Armenia’s banks to open 47 braches by 2012’s out

16.10.2012 15:41
Armenia’s banks to open 47 braches by 2012’s out

YEREVAN, October 16. /ARKA/. The number of Armenian banks’ branches is expected to rise 47 by 2012’s out, according to the report compiled by Armenia’s Central Bank “Outlook on Armenian banks’ financial indicators 2012-2014.”

As of now, there are 21 commercial banks with 461 branches in Armenia, CB says.
By the end of 2014 the number of branches is said to rise by 133 from 2011.
As of the end of the first half 2012, the leaders in a number of branches are the following banks: VTB Bank (Armenia) – 68 branches, Ardshininvestbank- 55, ACBA-CREDIT-AGRICOLE BANK-42.

According to the official data, a client base of Armenia’s banks reported 1 498,7 thousand within the first seven  months of this year versus 1 484,5 thousand in late June. CB’s projections imply that an average annual growth in a number of clients will be 15% in 2012-2014. —0-

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