Anelik Bank reopens branch in Yerevan Davidashen district

06.02.2014 17:57
Anelik Bank reopens branch in Yerevan Davidashen district

YEREVAN, February 6. / ARKA /. Armenian Anelik Bank has reopened today its branch in Davidashen administrative district in Yerevan. Now it is located in the fourth quarter of the district at 11/91.

The reopening ceremony was attended by the bank’s chairman Nerses Karamanukian, who said the reopening is another step in the bank’s comprehensive program to develop its branch network.

He said the bank is actively cooperating both with corporate and individual customers, providing them with a variety of high quality banking services.

The new branch offers the full range of banking services to individuals and legal entities - long-term and express loans, currency conversion, remittances and many others.

Anelik Bank created in 1990 is now owned fully by Lebanese Credit Bank SAL. -0-

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