Armenia’s Central Bank starts a new program with Harvard University

15.07.2014 15:54
Armenia’s Central Bank starts a new program with Harvard University

YEREVAN, July 15. /ARKA/. The Central Bank of Armenia has started a special research program as part of its cooperation with Harvard University, the press office of the central bank reported.

Under the program, three students from Harvard University, Jordan Brayanti, Juan Aparicio and Daniel Gipsy, will practice their skills at central bank’s Research Center in Dilijan, says the report.

The students arrived in Armenia back in June and have already had meetings with representatives from Armenian and international financial and economic organizations and gained a familiarity with economic situation in Armenia.

The students will conduct studies on possible impact of tax harmonization on financial services sector, effects of economic integration on direct foreign investments and determinants of approaches toward regional integration in particular during their two-month practical work.

The central bank attaches importance to multi-sided international relations and hopes cooperation with one of the best universities, the Harvard University, has a solid foundation, says the report.

Implementation of the program will promote development of ties between the Dilijan Research Center and prestigious international universities. –0—

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