Anelik bank planning bond placement at russian market

13.07.2017 14:00
Anelik bank planning bond placement at russian market

YEREVAN, July 12. /ARKA/. Anelik Bank is planning to place bonds at Russian market, Sergey Virabyan, first deputy chairman of the bank's board and corporate business director, told ARKA News Agency on Wednesday.

In his words, the bank is now intensively cooperating with international financial organizations and international banks.

On June 30, Moody's Investors Service assigned B2/NP ratings to Anelik Bank, outlook stable.

«This rating will help us to attract resources, offer new products to our clients and also at foreign markets,» Virabyan said.

He said the assignment of the rating was necessary, since the bank is intensively issuing bonds.

Until now the bank has issued bonds worth $10 million and bonds totaling AMD 1 billion.

Virabyan said that Anelik Bank is planning an emission of bonds abroad.

«Amounts are not known so far,» he said. «We are forming offer. Our partners abroad are engaged in this.

Fre the first time an overseas emission is being planned at Russian market.»

Virabyan said that bonds are planned to be issued this year.

Anelik Bank CJSC was established on July 9, 1990 and registered on October 1, 1991.
In July 2009, Credit Bank S.A.L., one of Lebanon’s largest banks, bought 51% of Anelik Bank’s shares and became its general shareholder. In 2012, the share of CreditBank S.A.L. in Anelik Bank grew to 89.95%, and in 2013, it became the sole shareholder. Today the bank has two shareholders - FISTOCO LTD with 59.7% and "CreditBank S.A.L." with 40.3%. -0---

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