Armenian regulator urges everybody not to disseminate disinformation and says banking system is stable

03.05.2018 11:13
Armenian regulator urges everybody not to disseminate disinformation and says banking system is stable

YEREVAN, May 3. /ARKA/. The Central Bank of Armenia, reacting to some people’s concern over the country’s banking system, issued a statement on Wednesday urging people not to spread disinformation about the state of the banking system.

The regulator says in its statement that, in accordance with the Constitution, the central bank is a nonpolitical, professional organization which has two key goals – stability of prices and financial stability.

In its statement, the central bank says that Armenia’s financial system is an accomplished system and banks have no problems with cash liquidity – their reserves are sufficient, as never before.

“More than that – we are calling on everybody to display restraint and not to disseminate disinformation,” the bank says. “All rumors and unconfirmed information prompt alarming behavior, which strikes at our citizens and their financial resources.”

The regulator says that it keeps things under control and has enough instruments for ensuring stability in Armenia’s financial system.

”We are calling on everybody to be calm and not to display alarming behavior as a result of disinformation,” the bank says.

Pashinyan also called on people block all roads, excluding roads to Artsakh.

On April 23, Serzh Sargsyan, who was appointed by the Armenian parliament as prime minister amid widespread disaffection for him, resigned under the pressure of mass protests against his premiership. On the same day, Armen Sarkissian, Armenian president accepted the government’s resignation.

Yesterday, the Armenian National Assembly didn’t elected Nikol Pashinyan as prime minister.
As many as 45 MPs voted for him, while 56 voted against.

The Armenian National Assembly failed today to hold its regular session because the number of members of the parliament was not sufficient to do it.
Of 105 MPs, 53 are necessary for any session, but only 27 came.
Vahe Enfiajyan, secretary of Tsarukyan bloc’s faction, said that the faction will boycott the session. --0---

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