Over AMD 2.3 billion earmarked in Armenia for lessening COVID 19 negative impacts

07.04.2020 12:48
Over AMD 2.3 billion earmarked in Armenia for lessening COVID 19 negative impacts

YEREVAN, April 7. /ARKA/. As part of the government’s nine programs to overcome the economic and social consequences of the coronavirus, Armenia has distributed 2.353 billion drams as of April 5, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on Tuesday.

The government of Armenia, in total, approved nine programs to lessen negative economic consequences of coronavirus. Five aid packages in various areas were approved on March 26, three more assistance programs on March 30, and also one program on April 2. Of the nine programs, five relate to economic assistance to business and the agricultural sector, and four imply the provision of social support to various groups of the population.

Pashinyan said that these funds are distributed among legal entities and individuals.

"The financial means are already available in the banking system. Some of them may have already been received. The rest should go and get this amount," he said during a direct broadcast on his Facebook page.

A state of emergency in order to suppress the spread of coronavirus operates in Armenia from March 16 to April 14. Restrictions on free movement and certain types of economic activity in Armenia in a state of emergency (initially imposed for the period from March 24 to March 31) were extended until April 12 inclusive.

As of April 7, in Armenia, 853 confirmed cases of coronavirus were recorded, 87 patients were cured, eight people died. ($1 – AMD 501.55). -0-

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