Armenian banks paid 12.5 billion drams in taxes in quarter one 2020

22.04.2020 18:47
Armenian banks paid 12.5 billion drams in taxes in quarter one 2020

YEREVAN, April 22. /ARKA/. The list of 1000 largest corporate taxpayers in Armenia for the first quarter of 2020 includes all 17 commercial banks operating in the country, which paid more than 12.509 billion drams in various taxes as opposed to 11.8 billion drams they had paid for the same period in 2019, the State Revenue Committee (SRC) said.

According to SRC, more than 12.482 billion drams were collected by the tax authorities and about 27.259 million drams by customs bodies.

It said also 4.002 billion drams were collected as income tax, 7.227 billion drams as payroll taxes, 635.323 million drams as VAT and 671.714 million drams as other taxes and duties.

The five leading banks by size of paid taxes were Ameriabank - 1.526 billion (24th place in the list of 1000 largest taxpayers), ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK - 1.489 billion drams (26th place), Armbusinessbank - 1.234 billion drams (32nd place), Inecobank - about 1.119 billion drams (38th place) and Ardshinbank - 1.078 billion drams (41st place).

The list of the first hundred largest taxpayers included Converse Bank - 990.359 million drams (48th place), Unibank - 805.432 million drams (52nd place), Armeconombank - 717.487 million drams (61st place), VTB Bank (Armenia)) - 704.582 million drams (63rd place), Armswissbank - 669.070 million drams (66th place), Araratbank - 597.833 million drams (77th place), EvoCabank - 468.289 million drams (93rd place))

Also, HSBC Bank Armenia paid 375.683 million drams (117th place), ID Bank - 335.856 million drams (134th place), Mellat Bank - 180.481 million drams (237 -th place), Byblos Bank Armenia - 148.743 million drams (281th place), Artsakhbank (central branch) - 66.177 million drams (601th place).
Overall, the 1000 largest taxpayers paid in the first quarter of 2020 more than 245.633 billion drams in taxes and duties against 212.2 billion drams paid for the same period in 2019. ($1 - 480.87 drams). -- 0—

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