Ameria CJSC contracted for export promotion and enterprise development strategy consultancy services in Armenia

05.05.2010 14:06
Ameria CJSC contracted for export promotion and enterprise development strategy consultancy services in Armenia

YEREVAN, May 5, /ARKA/ One of the trends of Armenian Government’s 2008-2012 Economic Policy is attracting investments and export promotion. For this purpose the World Bank extended a grant to the Government of Armenia to finance a project for technical capacity building and strengthening of proficiency of Armenian Development Agency (ADA) staff.

Ameria CJSC is contracted as an ADA consultant under the project to specify the strategy for export promotion and enterprise development in Armenia. ному банкингуртамента Розничных Услуг

While developing export promotion strategy, Ameria will review the existing export potential of Armenia, competitiveness of players, as well as suggest possible solutions for the export development in light of the overall impact of the world financial crisis.

The implementation of the task will require a period of one year and will be completed through several phases. The phases will comprise selection of target sectors and identification of barriers and constraints to exporting in the selected sectors. Moreover, Ameria will develop tools and initiate programs aimed at increasing export readiness of Armenian enterprises with export potential in the target sectors based on international best practices. Ameria will also support the shortlisted enterprises with export potential in selection of target markets and provide assistance in order to assure compliance of selected enterprises with the requirements of target markets.

Ameria will support ADA in the creation of an “information pool”, referring to the key target markets requirements with particular attention being paid to CIS, EU, Middle Eastern and North American markets. Ameria will provide assistance to selected enterprises to develop promotional strategy for exporting, support selected companies for initial outreach campaign, promoting business contacts, matchmaking and signing of exporting contracts.

Ameria is a leading advisory firm in Armenia specialized in the areas of corporate restructuring, M&A, legal advisory, direct and portfolio investments, business and strategic planning, financial advisory and tax planning, public administration and reforms, etc. As a part of Ameria financial group Ameria CJSC renders independent, confidential and objective counsel through a uniquely harmonious and efficient system of five advisory units: Management Advisory Services, Financial Advisory Services, Assurance and Taxation, Legal Practice and Investment Banking.  -0-


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