Per-employee profit at Armenian banking system averages amd 3,729,000 in 2010

22.02.2011 20:22
Per-employee profit at Armenian banking system averages amd 3,729,000 in 2010

YEREVAN, February 22. /ARKA/. Per-employee profit at Armenian banking system averaged AMD 3,729,000 (about $10,000 at $1 = AMD 373.66 exchange rate) in 2010.

Analysis of commercial banks’ financial reports shows that monthly per-employee profit averaged AMD 310,800 ($831.8) in the fourth quarter of 2010.

Per-employee assets amounted to AMD 173,203,000 or $463,500 in late December.

Some 9,050 people worked at 21 commercial banks in Armenia in late December, and aggregate profits amounted to AMD 33749.7 million ($90.3 million) in 2010.

Mellat Bank was singled out for the largest per-employee profit – AMD 27,509,000 ($73,600). One employee ensured monthly profit of AMD 2,292,400 to the bank.

The bank’s per-employee assets amounted to AMD 850.3 million ($2,275,600) in late September – the best result in the country’s banking system.

HSBC Bank Armenia showed the second personnel administration effectiveness result in 2010. One employee brought AMD 12,120,000 ($32,400) to the bank in 2010 or AMD 1,010,000 ($2,700) monthly.

ArmSwissbank, with its full year AMD 10,852,000 ($29,000) and monthly AMD 721,400 (about $1,900) per-employee profit, came third in 2010.

Ameriabank, with AMD 8,869,000 ($23,700), and Armenian Development Bank, with AMD 6,125,000 ($16,400) were singled out for a good personnel management.

All the mentioned banks’ aggregate per-employee profits exceeded AMD 6 million in 2010.

The analysis shows that three banks had per-employee profit exceeding AMD 10 million in 2010, 15 banks over AMD 1 million and two banks less than AMD 1 million.

One bank sustained losses. ($1 = AMD 365.22).–0–

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