Top ten depository banks of Armenia

27.07.2012 12:51
Top ten depository banks of Armenia

YEREVAN, July 26./ARKA/. Deposits in top ten depository banks of Armenia totaled AMD 783.6 billion by the end of the second quarter of this year after growing 7.6% since the end of the first quarter, according to ARKA News Agency’s second quarter rating of Armenian depository banks.

Top ten banks’ deposits made up 79% of the total amount of deposits in Armenia’s 21 banks.

HSBC Bank Armenia was singled out in ARKA News Agency’s second quarter ranking for the largest amount of deposits – AMD 123.2 billion (2.8% quarter-on-quarter growth and 12.43% share in total amount of deposits in Armenian banks).

Ameriabank ranked second with its AMD 104.9 billion (19% quarterly growth and 10.57% share).

Ardshininvestbank, with AMD 102.6 billion and 7.25% growth and 10.34% share in the aggregate amount, came third in ARKA Neas Agency’s ranking.

VTB Bank (Armenia), with its AMD 92.7 billion, 9.9% growth and 9.34% share, follows Ardshininvestbank.

Armbusinessbank, with its AMD 87.8 billion, 15.79% and 8.85%, came fifth in the ranking.

Armbusinessbank is followed by Unibank, whose deposits amounted to AMD 87.6 billion in late June after growing 9.2% over the second quarter and made up 8.83% of Armenian banks’ aggregate deposits.

ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK ranked seventh – its deposits grew 2.6% to AMD 59.3 billion and constituted 5.98% of banks’ aggregate deposits.

Converse Bank, with its AMD 56.8 billion, 10.5% growth and 5.73% share, won the eight rank.

Areximbank - Gasprombank Group was ninth – its deposits amounted to AMD 35.2 billion (15.4% quarter-on-quarter decline and 3.55% share in banks’ aggregate deposits).

Anelik Bank rounds out the top ten – it ensured 33.4 billion, 8.4% growth and 3.37% share in the second quarter. Overall, in the second quarter of 2012 the deposits in Armenian banks were showing growing tendency.

The rating is based on ARKA News Agency’s quarterly bulletin Banks of Armenia

Armenian banks’ all indicators are available in the Banks of Armenia bulletin, which is based on banks’ unified financial reports and additional information provided by banks.


Rank Banks Total amount of deposits (thousand) as of 30.06.2012 Growth/Decline (%) Share (%)
1 HSBC Bank Armenia 123253677 2.84 12.43
2 Ameriabank 104884032 18.97 10.57
3 Ardshininvestbank 102576304 7.25 10.34
4 VTB Bank (Armenia) 92677696 9.90 9.34
5 Armbusinessbank 87785099 15.79 8.85
6 Unibank 87618185 9.25 8.83
7 ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK 59345295 2.67 5.98
8 Converse Bank 56810929 10.55 5.73
9 Areximbank – Gasprombank Group 35229258 -15.41 3.55
10 Anelik Bank 33418977 8.40 3.37


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