VTB Bank (Armenia) cardholders can automatically check their card account balance

29.06.2015 19:40
VTB Bank (Armenia) cardholders can automatically check their card account balance

YEREVAN, June 29. / ARKA /. VTB Bank (Armenia) has expanded the list of its remote services offering now its clients the opportunity to automatically check the status of their card accounts saying in a press release that all owners of its payment cards  can do so  at any time from anywhere in the world .

For information about the balance of the card account the cardholder should call the telephone number of the bank’s processing center 37 410 560 708, which is indicated on the back side of the card and follow the voice instructions, then select the desired menu in the tone mode and enter the 16-digit number of the card and the banking password.

The voice service allows plastic cardholders to get prompt, free and safe information on the status of their card account 24 hours a day without having to contact the operator.

This takes in all 20 seconds. The balance is calculated  in the main currency of the account (ie, in the currency which  the customer  chose as the primary when opening the multi-currency card (AMD, USD, EUR and RUR) as a total balance on all accounts calculated at the exchange rate of the Central Bank on a particular day in the currency of the main account.

VTB Bank (Armenia) payment cardholders have another opportunity to check their balances by using SMS banking service.

VTB Bank (Armenia) is owned wholly by Russian VTB Bank. It runs 67 branches in Armenia. -0-

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