AMD 22.5 billion sent to Armenia's government budget by commercial banks in Jan-June 2015

30.07.2015 15:55
AMD 22.5 billion sent to Armenia's government budget by commercial banks in Jan-June 2015

YEREVAN, July 30. /ARKA/. All the commercial banks operating in Armenia’s territory (21 banks) are included in the list of the country's 1000 biggest taxpayers – they transferred around AMD 22.5 billion in Jan-June 2015 against the same period a year earlier, the government-affiliated State Revenue Committee reports on its website.

According to the report, more than AMD 22.4 billion of this amount was paid as taxes and about AMD 112.8 million as customs duties.

Direct taxes (profit and income taxes) totaled about AMD 20.6 billion, indirect taxes, including VAT and excise tax, amounted to AMD 1.14 billion and other taxes, duties and obligatory payments to AMD 783.3 million.

The amount paid by commercial banks made up 6.9% of the taxes paid by Armenia's 1000 large tax payers.

Ameriabank was the biggest taxpayer among commercial banks in Jan-June 2015 – it transferred AMD 3.4 billion to the government budget over the quarter and was placed 13th in the list.

HSBC Банк Armenia, with its AMD 2.3 billion sent to the government budget, the second biggest taxpayer among commercial banks, came 20th in the State Revenue Committee's ranking.

VTB Bank (Armenia), with AMD 2.1 billion, was ranked 24th, Ardshinbank (AMD 2 billion) 26th and Armbusinessbank (AMD 2 billion) 36th.

The following banks found themselves among the first 100 big taxpayers as well: ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK (AMD 1.6 million, the 39th rank), Inecobank (about AMD 1.2 million, the 47th rank), Unibank (AMD 1 billion, the 54th rank), Araratbank (AMD 945.6 million, the 61st rank), Armeconombank (AMD 855.2 billion, the 65th rank), CoverseBank (AMD 852.82 million, the 66th rank), Anelik Bank (AM D 738 million, the 79th rank), ArmswissBank (AMD 687.9 million, the 85th rank), Areximbank-Gazprombank Group (AMD 647.1 million, the 90th rank) and the Armenian Development Bank (AMD 546.8 million (the 99th rank).

Armenia's 1000 largest taxpayers transferred over 325 billion to the government budget in Jan-June 2015 against 325.9 billion in the same period a year before. ($1 – AMD 478.81). --0--

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