Unistream bank’s capital exceeds one billion Russian rubles

06.06.2018 18:48
Unistream bank’s capital exceeds one billion Russian rubles

YEREVAN, June 6, /ARKA/. UNISTREAM bank said today its capital stood at one billion Russian rubles as of May, 1, 2018. The normative of the bank’s H1.0 capital adequacy was 20.93% (minimum allowable value is 8%), the normative of instant liquidity H2 was 94.43% (minimum allowable value is 15 %); the normative of the current H3 liquidity was 116,045 (the minimum allowable value is 50%).
The availability of a capital of not less than 1 billion rubles is a necessary condition for the bank to get a universal license in accordance with the federal Law 395-1 "On banks and banking activities," the Russia-based bank said in a press release.

It said having completed the year of 2017 with a record profit of 224 million rubles, UNISTREAM bank keeps demonstrating rapid rates of growth in all its spheres of performance. The volume of money transfers made via UNISTREAM international payment system to the CIS countries in the first trimester of 2018 rose by 12 %.

According to the data provided by the Bank of Russia, the market share of UNISTREAM in cross-border transfers from Russia during the reporting period was 30 % (the ones to CIS countries inclusive-29%). Among the most significant destinations, CIS countries and Georgia have recorded the greatest growth: Armenia (+21%), Georgia (+19%), Kyrgyzstan (+14%); in the distant foreign countries: Slovakia (+385), Vietnam (+20%), Philippines (+16%). The bank’s profit in the first trimester of 2018 was 50.6 million Rubbles.

UNISTREAM is actively developing its own service network in Russia. So, the number of the service points has risen by 35 to 314 since the beginning of the year. An active development of mobile retail network is taking place. In February 2018, UNISTREAM payments were made available in “Svyaznoy” network of outlets. (“Svyaznoy Logistics” JSC). It’s a range of 2,800 conveniently located outlets in 1,030 cities of Russia. Also, UNISTREAM is successfully implementing a joint project on launching money transfer system in Tele2 outlets.

Services of money transfer, transfers to accounts and those of loan repayment of other banks have been made available in more than 640 network outlets all over Russia. UNISTREAM is also actively developing its services in the distant foreign countries. The cooperation with new partners allows making use of UNISTREAM services in such countries as Germany, Italy and Turkey.

UNISTEAM is considered to be the principal of the international VISA payment system and the national MIR payment system. According to the results of 2017, the number of VISA cards issued by UNISTREAM bank has risen 5 times, exceeding 100,000.

An important sphere of UNISTREAM business development is cash and settlement service of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. The bank offers a full spectrum of services for cash and settlement service: account opening, salary project with attractive tariffs, lease of bank safes, internet banking, trade and internet acquiring, also encashment service.

“We need a universal license for further successful development of the Bank and the payment system in general. This makes it possible to provide all the segments of our business with high quality service, to make new products in accordance with the best market practices”, comments Kirill Palchun, CEO of UNISTREAM bank.

“Thanks to the management’s successful work, UNISTREAM recorded significant financial results in 2017 and keeps on showing good results in 2018. So, the profitability of the capital is 15.73% as of 05.01.2018. Taking this into account, we made a decision in May on the capitalization of the Bank with the aim of meeting the requirements of the universal license for the further successful development”, says Gagik Zakaryan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of UNISTREAM bank.

UNISTREAM is an active member of Compliance Council under the Commission on combating legalization (laundering) of money obtained in a criminal way, financing of terrorism and financing of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. According to the 01.04.2018 data, “UNISTREAM” JSC CB is assigned the second qualifying group by the Bank of Russia in accordance with Regulation 4336-U “On the assessment of the economic situation of banks”. The reliability of the bank is conditioned with the fact that it doesn’t operate in the areas of highly risky segments and in the retail lending market. -0-

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