Pashinyan says Armenian government and central bank’s cooperation aimed at citizens’ welfare

26.12.2018 12:56
Pashinyan says Armenian government and central bank’s cooperation aimed at citizens’ welfare

YEREVAN, December 26. /ARKA/. Armenian Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan spoke Tuesday at a reception at the Central Bank of Armenia organized in connection with New Year and Christmas holidays.

Pashinyan congratulated the bank’s personnel on the holidays and wished them success, the government’s press office reports.

He singled out the stability of the Armenian national currency amid turbulent political events as one of this year’s sensations.

“Many don’t understand what happened in Armenia and how it happened in political sense, and also many don’t understand how the Armenian currency has displayed a stunning viability, and this is a truly important indicator,” Pashinyan said. “Of course, we know, I know that this has resulted from consistent, careful and devoted work of the people who are present here. I want to thank you for your work.”

The acting premier said cooperation between the government and the central bank was really very vigorous at that period.

He said that the key target of this cooperation is the country’s citizens and its most important goal is their welfare.

Nikol Pashinyan said that several programs have been implemented over the mentioned period, and people already feel changes in their lives, and several other projects are being discussed now and are waiting for their implementation.

He said that the present political situation gives new business opportunities to people and economic entities and it is necessary to put good ideas into practice to produce visible-to-people results.

Pashinyan expressed hope that Armenia’s banking sector will be able to support new initiatives and help in putting all the expectations into reality. -0---

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