Novosti-Armenia News Agency launches new special project - Food&Wine

18.07.2019 17:59
Novosti-Armenia News Agency launches new special project - Food&Wine

YEREVAN, July 18. /ARKA/. Novosti-Armenia International News Agency has launched a new special project - Food&Wine, where the latest, exciting and useful information about gastronomic specialties, original and favorite dishes will be released.

"The national cuisine is original in its essence, and it can be considered as any country's carte-de-visite," Novosti-Armenia CEO Galina Davidyan said. "It can tell about a nation's history, manners and traditions no worse, but maybe even better than guides."

In her words, it is not a mere coincidence that gastronomy tourism has become such popular, especially in recent years, and numerous tourists who have visited Armenia don't forget to mention incredibly tasty foods and drinks among other points of interest.

Davidyan said there are not only information about Armenian cuisine.
"We don't limit ourselves to Armenia, which is, for sure, plays a special part here, but we also tell about other countries' gastronomic traditions," she said. "We try to present the wonderful gastronomic world, which is full of surprises, mysteries, legends and history, to readers."

Food&Wine special project is in tune with "Good News" section, which was launched by Novosti-Armenia in February. Its aim is to release solely positive stories.

On February 15, Novosti-Armenia launched a news feed with nothing but good news. Everyone who visits can switch over to good news and see only positive developments.

Novosti-Armenia International News Agency has been operating in Armenia since 2005. It is reckoned among flagship agencies at media market. The agency is the most frequently cited media source in Armenia. It has 147,000 subscribers in Facebook now and scores more than 250,000 views a day. -0---

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