Armenian dram keeps enjoying high public confidence - central bank head

22.11.2019 15:40
Armenian dram keeps enjoying high public confidence - central bank head

YEREVAN, November 22. /ARKA/. Armenia's national currency, launched 26 year ago, continues enjoying high public confidence, Arthur Javadyan, the head of the Central bank of Armenia, said Friday in his address to bank officers on the occasion of their professional day.

Congratulating them on their professional holiday, Javadyan said that it can be placed on record that Armenia's banking system is an accomplished institutional community, which drive proud all its employees.

In his words, the country's banking system has been demonstrating sufficient flexibility and will keep displaying enough flexibility to overcome all world challenges connected with development of digital technologies and transformation of global markets.

Javadyan said that the system workers' constant efforts to obtain new knowledge and skills make it possible to ensure stable development and stability to the system.

"We highly appreciate and express our deep gratitude to banking workers, whose consistent work produces visible result - this is our present accomplished banking system and our national currency, which is a symbol of our statehood," he said, in his address.

Javadyan wished them new professional achievements and happiness. -0---

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