VTB Bank (Armenia) warns its clients against phone scams

06.10.2021 21:44
VTB Bank (Armenia) warns its clients against phone scams

YEREVAN, October 6. /ARKA/. VTB Bank (Armenia) warned today its clients against phone scams, saying their number has increased dramatically recently.

“VTB Bank (Armenia) is using modern technologies designed to protect the data of its clients. However, most often, such frauds occur exclusively when the client confirms the request of the fraudster and without realizing, inadvertently contributes to the  Internet fraud,’ the bank said in a press release.

In connection with the growing number of phone scams involving attempts to steal money from card accounts, the bank recommends that customers never call back when receiving a call and a message from unknown numbers on behalf of "bank employees» and never provide personal data and bank card data.

It should be remembered that bank employees:

• never  ask a client to provide bank card numbers, four-digit PIN-codes and control code which are on the back of the card;

• never ask for codes from SMS to cancel committed "fraudulent transactions";

• never offer to transfer money to special accounts.

When such calls are received from "bank employees» the clients must be vigilant and in no case provide bank card details: such as expiration date, code on the back of the card, SMS confirmation codes, as well as personal information: passport series and number, registration address.

"In this case, please hang up and call back to the number indicated on the back of the bank card or to the Bank's Call Center 87-87," the bank said.

To ensure the safety of clients' funds, VTB Bank (Armenia) urges clients to maintain confidentiality when using any banking data. In case of receiving suspicious messages with a request to enter bank card details in instant messengers or to the client's personal phone number, the bank urges clients not to disclose their bank details, not to provide bank card data to sites of unknown or dubious origin, as well as to unknown users on social networks, suspicious persons requesting transfers from card to card.

Clients should not save their data on unfamiliar sites when using Internet banking, as well as in the browser memory. If a client identifies a theft of money from their account, they must immediately contact the bank.

"For VTB Bank (Armenia), the financial security of each client is a priority. We are always open and ready to teach you security measures and fight for your rights," the bank said.

The activity of VTB Bank (Armenia) CJSC is regulated by the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia. -0

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