Bitcoin, Etherium, NFT - how these and other complex words have created a new economic reality: the Bybit case.

02.05.2022 11:30
Bitcoin, Etherium, NFT - how these and other complex words have created a new economic reality: the Bybit case.

It is April or May, 2013. A small café near the university. In front of me is one of the tastiest sandwiches one can get in the neighborhood. I'm totally into it as my friend is enthusiastically telling me about something that's already worth $100. I am not really listening to him, because his story somehow reminds me of a commonplace fraud. I remember only the name - Bitcoin.

It is the same year of 2013, but a little later. I dropped in on a friend. I feel a little awkward, because it's the first time I am visiting his home. My friend's father starts talking about Bitcoin, I vaguely remember what it is about and am surprised to find out that it is already worth $500. They tell me about how I can get it for free; I try it for a few days and quit.

The next time I heard about cryptocurrencies was when the value of Bitcoin hit first $3,000 and then $5,000. "I missed the boat," I thought at the time. Looking at what's going on in the market now, I can only say that I was wrong again.

This little digression into my own history was only to explain that it is never too late to start. This sort of things are often said when it comes to getting an education, changing jobs, environments, and more. But I want to say this sort of things in the context of investing in the cryptocurrency market. Many people think that there is only Bitcoin; some have also heard about Etherium or, as it is commonly called, "ether". But it's not true!

Just visit the Bybit exchange and you will be surprised to see more than 230 trading pairs of the most popular coins. They are big projects, small projects, digital analogues of US dollar, other currency and NFT-oriented. There is something for every taste. There are even those created for fun, such as Dogecoin. Visiting the Bybit website, you get a feeling that you get into a completely different world and at first everything seems incredibly complicated and incomprehensible.

Thankfully, these are different times now, and the crypto exchange has a lot of tutorials that will explain in detail how everything works, how to trade, what mistakes you should avoid. And if you think you're alone in this endless space of new opportunities, you're not right - crypto exchanges have been around for a long time.

Bybit was founded in March 2018 and is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It is trusted by more than five million users. And all of them have one goal - to invest.

Bybit's Russian-speaking community is more than 60,000 traders who communicate and help each other on TelegramInstagramVkontakteTwitter and Facebook.

Furthermore, don't think of cryptocurrency exchanges solely as a store to buy cryptocurrency. This may have been the case in the beginning, but the market is changing very quickly and there are more and more investment tools available.

Now crypto exchanges do not differ much in their functionality from traditional stock exchanges. Bybit provides a derivative and spot trading platform, staking services, DeFi mining and API interface, and in 2022 Bybit has launched its own P2P транзакций platform and NFT маркетплейс.

It's the ultimate professional trading platform with ultra-fast trading algorithms and 24/7 support.

A little confused by all this information and new terms? That's okay, not all at once. Just trying to show how far the world of cryptocurrency trading has gone, while we were sitting and doubting that something like this could really exist and make profit.

And the best part is that it can be done by anyone, anytime. Crypto exchanges are based on the global principle that is at the heart of the Internet itself - freedom!

I realize that there is a lot left unsaid, but if all it is thrown  out at once, it will cause only  headache. So this is going to be a series of articles in cooperation with Bybit, which will reveal all the tools of crypto trading.

Warning! The cryptocurrency market as well as staking services carry financial risks. -0-

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