"Bear market’: sale of crypto-assets or the right time to buy

28.06.2022 10:30

YEREVAN, June 28. /ARKA/.  According to many news reports, cryptocurrencies are experiencing now a "troubled" time and might not survive in this massive bear market.

The term "bear cryptocurrency market" means a period of time when the value of major crypto-assets such as bitcoin falls 20 percent or more from their previous highs and stays at that level because of fear and pessimism.

Some analysts, who run their own telegram channels, started talking about a ‘real crypto-apocalypse’, arguing that it would result in a market drop of 90 percent or more.

Many people perceive the "bear market" as a time period filled with fear. However, as Bybit correctly points out, it is worth remembering that, like the four seasons of the year, a downtrend is a perfectly natural market cycle.

Despite this, many people succumb to panic and begin in a rush to sell even assets that were purchased at price highs, although they understand that the negative vector will sooner or later reverse and the period of fast growth or the "bull market" will begin again.

So what to do during such periods? Experienced investors always say not to be afraid of a "bear cryptocurrency market".  Yes, it is perfectly normal to refrain from trading during such high volatility. However, a downtrend is one of the best times to buy long-term. This in mind, Bybit offers the following recommendations to newcomers:

- Diversify your portfolio by adding blue chips and projects with solid fundamentals;

- Average the dollar value of investments to mitigate the risks associated with long position holding.

Of course, a period of major market capitalization declines can seem very bleak, but we must remember that declines are never endless. Even in the current downtrend, there are trading opportunities that allow you to safely build cryptocurrency capital.

It is for such cases that Bybit offers two trading products from the Bybit Earn line that allow you to invest and trade as safely as possible.

Bybit savings

Are you already interested in the idea of a profitable and guaranteed APY? Bybit savings users can secure a steady income by adding coins and tokens to the staking, including USDT, BTC and others. Flexible and fixed terms allow for maximum returns based on your investment horizon.

Dual asset investments

If you're willing to take a little more risk and still allow for short-term speculation, Bybit's dual asset investments will be the best trading tool for you. In dual asset investments, the APY can reach more than 100%, providing high returns in a low volatility market. All you have to do is predict the direction of a given crypto asset, such within a pre-set timeframe and enjoy higher returns on your capital. -0-

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