Ultra modern complex of Armenia’s CB to open in Dilijan next year

03.05.2012 14:22
Ultra modern complex of Armenia’s CB to open in Dilijan next year

YEREVAN, May 3. /ARKA/. The ultra modern educational  and research center of Armenia’s Central Bank will open in Dilijan spa town, located in the northern  province of Armenia Tavush, in 2013, the Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan said.
“Central Bank’s large complex with service infrastructure will be commissioned soon and CB will be able to implement all its functions there. The complex will have a training center. Housing stock for the staff is also being built there,” Sargsyan said in the interview with Shant TV channel.
According to Sargsyan, if CB starts operating in Dilijan, the commercial banks will also activate their operations there.

He added that this will foster developing educational sector, which will prepare specialists in financial system, and infrastructures will also advance.
Constructing  center in Dilian is targeted at establishing an institute equipped with the most modern technologies that will host regional and international conferences on economic and financial topics. Educational trainings for CB staff are also planned to be organized  in the institute.
The center will also provide all  the necessary  conditions for educational and research works in economic and financial fields.

Modern databases will be also developed which will make it easier for Armenian and international experts to research Armenian economy.
Commercial banks, ArCa processing center, ArCa bureau and Bureau for Compulsory Motor Insurance will also receive offices  in the center as well as an opportunity to launch standby databases.

Moreover, a regional monetary and credit center will serve the financial organizations of the region.
The total area of the complex, which will have main and technical buildings, is 29,000 square meters.
Besides this, CB constructs an apartment dwelling house for its employees who will work in the center. The apartment building will have 6290 square meters of total area and 64 apartments. A kindergarten and some trading units will be located on the ground floor of the building.

Armenia’s Central Bank also reconstructs the former library building, where “Knowledge for development” modern center will be founded. —0-

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