Russian stock and ruble continue dropping

07.08.2014 14:05
Russian stock and ruble continue dropping

YEREVAN, August 7. /ARKA/. Russian stock exchange indices and the ruble continued dropping in the beginning of the trading day on Thursday, Prime reported.

MMVB index has declined by 0.3% to 1,330.62 points, RTS has dropped by 0.41% to 1,156.07 points.

‘Mechela’ stocks are again the leader in the decline – it decreased by about 10% yesterday and has already dropped by 3.5% today, almost reaching their minimum for March. Today Vedomosti reported the owner of ‘Mechela’ Igor Ziuzin failed to agree with creditors. According to the newspaper, banks are going to sue the company and declare it bankrupt, despite the ‘political decision’ not to make the coal company go bankrupt.

Russian ruble dropped by 6 kopeikas versus dollar (to 36.24 rubles per $1) and by 2 kopeikas against euro (to 48.48 rubles per euro). –0--

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