Russian ruble in Yerevan exchange offices shows unprecedented fall

19.01.2016 16:20
Russian ruble in Yerevan exchange offices shows unprecedented fall

YEREVAN, January 19. /ARKA/. Russia's ruble in Armenia’s exchange offices continues its downward motion.

In some of them the Russian national currency plunged to the record low - below 6 drams per one ruble.

One ruble is bought at 6.1 drams, on average, and sold at 6.5 to 6.17 drams.

According to the Central Bank of Armenia, the official exchange rate shed 0.12 percentage points, compared with the previous indicator, to 6.17 drams per one ruble on Tuesday.

The ruble has lost more than 6.2% against the Armenian dram since the beginning of this year.

The Russian currency is going down not only against the Armenian dram, but also against the key world currencies amid the falling world oil prices.

The fall in oil prices that began in 2014 devaluated Russia's currency by more than 50%. The US dollar crossed the line of 40 rubles per one dollar in October 2014 and now continues hitting historical records – in December it crossed the line of 80 rubles, and after a period of stability ensured by the regulative policy that kept the exchange rate at around $1=RUR 65, the ruble plummeted again because oil prices sank below 30 dollars per one barrel. Today one dollar is traded at 78 rubles. --0---

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