Young economists discuss securities market problems at student conference in Yerevan

28.04.2015 19:29
Young economists discuss securities market problems at student conference in Yerevan

YEREVAN, April 28. /ARKA/. Young economists discussed problems of the securities market at the student conference 'Armenia's Capital Market: Objectives and Development Prospects' that was held Tuesday in the Armenian State University of Economics with NASDAQ OMX Armenia stock exchange's support.

«In December 2014 a cooperation agreement was signed between the university and NASDAQ OMX Armenia,» Koryun Atoyan, the head of the university, said at the opening of the conference. «It is natural that the only university in Armenia that provides professionals in this area should cooperate closely with the Armenian stock market. The main aim of our cooperation is to prepare specialists.»

Atoyan added that this student conference was being held exactly as part of this cooperation.
«The university students will present their studies on the capital market, which will lay groundwork for getting a deeper knowledge in this area's peculiarities,» he said.

Konstantin Saroyan, head of the stock exchange, said on his side that things in the country's capital market most brightly reflect the level of market relations.

«Financial market mechanisms constitute the basis of market relations, and the capital market development degree in the country directly depends on the degree of market relations development,» Saroyan said.

«Unfortunately, Armenia's capital market is not at the desirable level and the main goal of the university is to prepare professionals who will be able to identify current problems and find ways to solve them,» he added.

Saroyan also stressed that the stock exchange will look through the studies submitted to the university’s students. --0--

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